3 Million Hashtag Shares = Collaboration on the Run

#ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha Wiki

#ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha is an exceptionally popular inspiring and uplifting hashtag, hosted by Marsha Wright that started on Twitter 22nd November 2014. Within 12 weeks it had garnered over 107,000 shares and boasted over 4000 participants every week sharing, retweeting and Favouriting on the hashtag.

Founded by the hugely popular business icon Marsha Wright (@MarshaWright) the weekly “destination event” has been classed as the “Most Inspiring Place to be on Twitter” and has the benefit of a 51%/49% demographic of female and male participants respectively.

The global impact of #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha is remarkable with people from Africa through to Europe, Asia and of course the biggest concentration being in the USA and Canada. The movement, which relies heavily on collaboration amongst those in the community, trends every week (so far over 1,000 times), and has garnered over 3 million # shares since inception.

Why it Works

The reason for its success is the heavy emphasis on collaboration. Marsha retweets over 95% of the original posts, and participants retweet/favorite/follow and engage with each other.

The event has seen exponential growth over the weeks and continues to go from strength to strength. Another reason for its success is the limiting of possibly inflammatory topics such as politics, religion, social issues etc. Those won’t be retweeted. In addition no shameless self-promotion is permitted – so anything with a link isn’t shared. It must be inspiring, uplifting, informative, useful AT THE POINT OF SEE not requiring a link.

The # is well moderated and takes a team of 4 people to see and manually moderate it covering the entire Sunday across several timezones starting in Asia (12am Sunday morning – which is the afternoon Saturday in USA) right through to USA 11:59pm Pacific time Sunday night!

Marsha Wright Wiki

Marsha Wright is influential in her own right (see About). But in addition to her long established career her Social Media presence is nothing short of remarkable.

She prides herself on STRICTLY AUTHENTIC means of growth and her global impact through Twitter has her as one of the most influential in her space.


The #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha numbers

Independently verifiable statistics put the weekly reach of the event at over 448million impressions and 11.3 million reach!


#ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha Impressions

* SOURCE: http://keyhole.co *9 March 2015 (Reach is number of followers of those who shared. Impressions number of times the tweets could have been seen)

Despite being only a Sunday event, the hashtag sees over 1000 extra tweets/shares mid-week from eager participants who “can’t wait till Sunday”.

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